Best Online Stock Brokers

Looking to invest money in the stock market? 

Before you throw down your money, you’re going to need a broker. A stockbroker is a licensed agent or a brokerage firm that manages your investments. Brokers help investors buy and sell stocks. On the flip side, they take a fee for the mediation.

Choosing an online broker is one of the most important early decisions you can make as an investor. With so many options, it could get confusing choosing the right broker. That’s why we created this review.

We put U.S online brokers to the test and below are the results. Our results are based on an in-depth research process that we conducted.  

We strongly feel that an online broker should have a fair investment minimum, access to high-quality trading tools, exceptional customer service, and clarity.

Off of those values the online brokers below received their placing. 

Our goal is and has always been to help individuals make the best, most informed financial decision. We hope you find value in our review. 

Review Online Stock BrokerScoreExcerpt
Best value
E*TRADE Review 2020: What You Should Know

E*TRADE Review 2020: What You Should Know

User Rating: 3.25 (8 votes)
If you want a stellar trading platform to manage all your investment needs, E*TRADE is worth looking at. With their excellent customer service, low account minimums, and diverse mutual fund offerings, Etrade is an excellent discount broker for beginning investors!
Editor choice
2 Scottrade Review 2018 – Get Up to $2,000 Cash Back!

Scottrade Review 2018 – Get Up to $2,000 Cash Back!

User Rating: 4.27 (11 votes)
Best value
3 TD Ameritrade Review 2020

TD Ameritrade Review 2020

User Rating: 3.5 (6 votes)
We created an in-depth review of TD Ameritrade exposing the good, bad and the ugly. If you're interested in TD Ameritrade, our analysis is worth a read.