Interview with Magrietha Stanford on Brokers and The Future of Varalen Trading Corp.

Magrietha Stanford, Managing Director of Varalen Trading Corp, spoke with our editor about the current situation in the field of software development and what sentiments are prevailing on the Forex market, including her view on its development prospects.

Forex Trading

Do you think that the tightening of regulatory requirements in many countries will result in a mass exodus of brokers?

?I believe that the brokers who are truly committed to providing quality services to their clients and who want to move trading forward both on the regional and international levels will be understanding of all changes in the regulatory part of the process.

?After all, it is only where everyone plays by clearly defined rules that trading can flourish and clients can feel secure. I think that all brokers need to make adjustments to their workflows in compliance with the new requirements.?

In terms of proposals or approaches to work, what, according to VTC, is the most significant result of the company?s activities?

Life is movement; forex activities are an obstacle course, where the goal is to surpass one?s competitors and offer clients even better terms and even more growth. Therefore, there are always areas to be improved and goals to strive toward. As an example of VTC?s success, I?d note the addition of FIX API to our innovative ECN platform LPBUS. This will allow brokers to connect trading platforms and custom monitoring systems to LPBUS. Thanks to FIX API, order execution takes no more than 1 ms.

I must also mention that recently, our developers upgraded our order imbalance monitoring system, which will allow brokers to monitor imbalances across open positions on MT4 and open positions on all LPs and quickly respond to a given situation.

Today, trading through an API is showing steady growth. Varalen?s API provides all our partners and clients the opportunity to create custom applications and trading algorithms based on leading, professionally recognized trading platforms using any programming language.

What is the primary focus at Varalen?

Foremost, it is first-class customer service; ensuring clients are fully understood and fully satisfied. In this regard, Varalen has an excellent reputation throughout the world, and our ever-growing client base speaks to this. I hope that we will set the tone in client management and will become an example to follow in this regard.

With these ambitions, your approach to hiring is probably very particular?

Of course. How else? We select our employees very carefully; after all, they are our most valuable resource. We seek people who will stay with us for a long time and who will make their professional contribution to the development of our company. In this regard we are lucky: Phillip Mitchell, Head of Commercial Dept, Karen Smith, the technical director of the IT department, and many other talented and experienced specialists are part of our innovative team. At the same time, Varalen actively promotes its own employees internally. We are very committed to advancing our best people.

What actions does VTC take to stand out among its competitors?

Our company?s activities a priori involve innovations, so we are always in search of original solutions that will ultimately allow us to sweep the market. Varalen continuously optimizes technologies that will benefit our clients. One of the corporation?s main objectives is to help clients succeed. Therefore, the speed of execution, reliability, and transparency are what distinguish our products from those of our competitors.

The point of Varalen Trading Corp.?s existence lies in its innovations; therefore, every working day revolves around creating and bringing to market new technologies and products that can surpass those of our competitors. In our business, there are the best ? for example, Currensee Copy Trading and MT4, companies with which we are planning mutually beneficial cooperation. This will allow us to fully equip our clients.

I believe that Varalen Trading Corp. can only be called a company if our clients are successful, as it is their success that determines the outcome of our operations. We strive to create products and services that benefit clients so that they remain with us for a long time. This is the key to stable growth of the company.