iFOREX Trading Platform Best in Class

iFOREX is a browser-based trading platform that can be used in conjunction with its mobile user interface that is also customizable. The company leverages off its 20-years of trading experience to bring state-of-the-art products to their client?s trading needs.  The platform has been developed over many years using client feedback to drive new features. One of the platforms greatest strengths is that it features more than a dozen different language options, as well as, the ability to log in where ever you have access to the internet.

IFOREX Securities

iFOREX provides clients with more than 600-financial instruments. Nearly all of their products are contracts for differences. These are products that track the movements of underlying assets including commodities, indices, shares, crypto currencies and currencies. CFDs provide leverage via margin allowing customers to enhance their returns. iFOREX is a leading CFD provider, and their entrance into crypto currency CFDs makes them a leader in this space.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The iFOREX platform makes deposits and withdrawals a snap. The reality is that you should never have to worry about this process and iFOREX makes it efficient and simple.  You can withdraw and deposit funds efficiently, from either their browser based platform or the mobile app.  If you need to add money to make a new trade or to make a margin call, you have multiple ways to facilitate the process.

Trade Anywhere

The beauty of a browser-based application is that you can execute a trade and manage your positions where ever you have access to the internet. The mobile application allows you to trade where ever you have access to a cellular connection. If you need to step out of your office or are away on vacation, you can make a trading decision with both the browser platform or the mobile app.


iFOREX is a leader in trading education. Their goal is to promote trading. You can become a successful trader, and execute more through their platform. Learning about investment styles and strategies is the cornerstone of a successful trading strategy. Prior to risking capital, you should perform a significant amount of due diligence to make sure you understand the nuances of the capital markets.  This includes understanding fundamental and technical analysis. The iFOREX education section provides videos as well as articles that touch on a plethora of trading topics.

In addition, iFOREX offers a demo account where you could practice the concepts that are discussed in education without having to risk real capital.

An Easy to Use Platform

Not only is the platform easy to navigate, but you can customize it to make it efficient. If you want to go directly to your positions, you can create a layout that is designed to handle this function. If you want to go directly to the execution module you can quickly advance to that area. The flexibility provided by the state-of-the-art technology makes the IFOREX platform and the iFOREX mobile app an excellent choice.