How Does the Application Process Work for Beacon Resources?

Veteran job seekers and first-time candidates have plenty of options available when it?s time to find a new position, but some tactics are more effective than others. While many people have luck sticking solely to internet postings, you?re selling yourself short by passing on help from recruiting agencies. Not only do recruiters work quickly, but they can also get you access to opportunities that might never show up on public boards. Each company has its own procedures, but here?s an overview on how the Beacon Resources application process works.

Initial Application

The first part of the process is similar to the application you?d submit for any opportunity. Fill in the values of the online form and attach your resume or CV. A member of Beacon?s recruiting staff will review your information and get in touch with you to schedule a follow-up appointment.


Once the team reviews your application materials, you?ll speak with a recruiter to begin the in-depth interview process. Beacon is regarded as one of the leading job agencies in Los Angeles, and one of the ways it maintains this standing is by building a profile for every applicant based on a few different factors:

  • Skills
  • Career goals
  • Personality
  • Intangible qualities

Following this step, your references and background will be checked and you?ll finally be entered into the pool of pre-qualified candidates. Should an opportunity matching your profile open up, your recruiter will contact you to verify your interest in the position. With your approval, Beacon will present you as one of the people who should move on to the next round of screening.

Apply With Confidence

Now you know more about the process used by one of the leading financial headhunters in the industry, you?ll be armed with an additional weapon if you?re in need of a career change. To start your application, contact Beacon Resources online today.