4 Ways to Diversify your Investment Portfolio

Jean-Jacques Rousseau; once said that happiness is ?a good bank account, a good cook and a good digestion?. You?ll notice that all 3 of these relate to financial freedom.

To get you started on the road to a happy life, we take a look at how you too, can achieve financial freedom.

1. Put your money into bonds

Having cash lying idle is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make.  Collecting interest from bank deposits are well and good. However, there are many more lucrative ventures out there that are as stable.

Bonds are a relatively risk-free method of building up your passive income portfolio. Bonds are financial instruments issued by corporations or governments looking to raise funds.

Returns are usually paid out on a semi-annual to the bond holder for a period of time. Thus, this makes bonds a great way of establishing a steady flow of passive income.

For those with a larger risk appetite, junk bonds promise significantly larger rates of return. However, junk bonds also carry a larger risk of default and are much more volatile. Hence, to balance risk, ensure that your portfolio has a good mix of bonds.

2. Invest in healthcare stocks

Historically, healthcare stocks have always performed well in the market. This is due in part to the phenomenal profits earned by various pharma conglomerates.

Due to the nature of the healthcare business, such stocks tend to be recession proof. Thus, making healthcare stocks a nice addition to your investment portfolio.

Thanks to the large dividends paid out by these companies, you’ll be able to enjoy a nice flow of passive income. Alongside this, you can also capitalize on rising share prices by shorting your stock.

Having the appropriate knowledge is a vital part of investing in pharma stocks. Before you get started, it’s best if you read up on various drugs and machines produced by these companies. This allows you to better understand your investment which makes for better decisions.

3. Invest in your own health

There is no doubt that the majority of us have heard of the term ?health is wealth?. But, how many of us really understand the meaning of this saying?

Essentially, the saying ?health is wealth? means that no amount of money will be able to buy good health. Hence, while it is important to make wise investments, one should never neglect one?s own health.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet are some of the simplest yet most effective ways of keeping healthy. By taking care of yourself, you?ll be investing in your own future health. This preempts the need for you to spend large amounts of money paying for your healthcare, thus leaving you free to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

4. Look into alternative forms of investment

Stocks and bonds are well and good, but alternative investments are an interesting way of diversifying your portfolio. These investments span from hedge funds to antiques and classic works of art.

In some parts of the world, investing in assets such as classic cars have proven to be quite lucrative. The emotional value collectors usually have for such vehicles, means that sellers are able to demand higher prices.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the funds available to invest in classic cars of rare works of art. But there is still hope left as an investor is only limited by his/her imagination.

For example, betting on horse racing can also be an extremely lucrative investment. With only a minimal investment to get started and paying attention to the online sources that provide free live horse racing streaming, you?ll be able to multiply your holdings by cashing in.

Before you dive in, take care to ensure that you don?t make the wrong choices where you?ll end up losing your investment. Achieving financial freedom is no easy feat, but it is very much possible.